Project Management


Managing a project means to understand and to share client's business needs , to understand these needs through a safe and reliable project governance and, finally, to industrialize the production and release of the application software.


On this matter, Spiti offers to its customers:


  • Highly qualified resources
  • Competitive prices
  • Extensive and experienced skills:
  • Context analysis and process design
  • Cost and benefits evaluation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Project life cycling management (from user requirement to step in operating systems (?) )
  • Activities, resources and costs planning;
  • Action plans preparation and management
  • Systems integration; 


One of Spiti's key offers is the competence and ability to organize and manage de-localized software house (the so-called "off-shoring").

It is an organization model widely used in Europe and in USA.

Several Spiti partners have already the opportunity to work with this model and the experience was positive for all of them.


Excellent product quality, cost-effectiveness, delivery time in line with the request have been always prove true.


Spiti competence is a crucial support and a guaranteed reliability, from the activity definition to the (most suitable) software house identification, from the initial organization to the periodic process review.


Business Consultancy


Enterprise/company consulting, based on the management consolidated experience, is what best characterize our service provisioning.


It is divided into several points, which the most important are:


  • Business intelligence and data warehousing;
  • SAP systems design and operation;
  • Advanced web portals;
  • Billing systems (pre-paid and post-paid), in particular applied to telecommunications and utilities markets;
  • Operative Support Systems;
  • IT infrastructures organization and government, with great attention to integrity and security processes, infrastructures and data;
  • Quality control and verification of adherence to the law, applied to the ICT field;

Spiti is also available as a "staging / incubator" environment for its costumers professional resource, so they can develop skills and experiences to better manage their company.

Training on Project Management

Market analysis show small sensitivity to italian ITC Project Management.

Reduce losses and recover profitability require a highly structured approach to project and risks management.

Spiti is helping and contributing to spread project management culture and knowledge.

Spiti is working with the leading Italian Association of Project Management, ISIPM® (Istituto Italiano di Project Management), supporting its objectives and promoting its initiatives.

Among these we note the "Basis Certification of Project Management". It is a qualified "starting point" of a Project Manager growth path, but at the same time is an important training valuable for anyone working in different corporate structures involved in the production process. 


Skill Portfolio


The skills present within the company are divided on several areas.


The following list lists the areas where Spiti can be more present.


  • Field systems (Unix, Linux, Windows Server);
  • Setting dba & database (Oracle, MS SQL * Server);
  • Development languages ​​(C, C + +,. VB NET, J2EE, XML, PL / SQL, ABAP);
  • Enterprise application integration (Tibco, BizTalk MS);
  • Internet web server (Apache);
  • Scripts (VB, Java);
  • Programming methodologies (web services);
  • Product platforms (SAP netweaver);
  • Business Intelligence (BO, Ascential Data Stage, SAP BW);
  • Process skills (telecom, transportation).