Spiti's mission is to create and deliver added value to customers in their company management, to ensure business results in line with expectations and predictions.


The group of managers founders of Spiti, bring to their costumers the expertise in the definition and in the management of complex business process and the ability to provide consulting service, especially in the ITC field.


In today competitive and mature market, our differentiation strategy is based on the extreme specialization. Moreover, Spiti works as an "incubator" for innovative ideas stimulating and promoting initiatives of young talents.


The availability of innovative and exclusive products offers an unquestionable proposition that is outside the context of simple "commodity".


The areas of interest and the services offered are listed below:


  • Management consulting on business processes;
  • Work organization support;
  • Management of complex projects (especially in ICT);
  • Start-up of competence or management centers (data centers, CRM...);
  • Systems Integration provisioning;
  • Project Risk management;
  • Production process control and monitoring;
  • Project quality assurance planning and assistance;
  • Support for the achivement of "Certification Basis of ProjectManagement".