Spiti Accademy Centre


Spiti Center Academy is the fast and affordable solution that which target those companies who believe in training resources as the most effective and immediate way to professional growth.


Academy's goal is to train youth resources (e.g., recent graduates) on products and technologies currently required by the IT market.


Once understood the company's needs in terms of know-how, the first phase, probably the most delicate, is to identify the appropriate resources to address the professional growth. This is done in collaboration with Universities and / or Higher Secondary School and on individual feedbacks.


The second phase, proposed by the Academy, is to select among these resources the ones that are believed to provide the best results and, especially, that show themselves most interested in the initiative. This is done through a series of interviews and tests to determine the best candidades for the requested expertise (analytical skills, coding skills, etc..).


With the third phase begins the basic training which provides all candidates the fundamentals of computer science (database concepts, coding languages, synthesis skills, concepts of structured programming, etc.).


In the next phase, a fine training is done. The candidates are divided, according to business needs and the preparation shown in the various courses - as Object Oriented Programming (Java, J2EE), Business Intelligence (Datastage, Cognos , Business Objects), Management systems (Linux, Microsoft, Unix).


The last phase is called "Training on the Job." Candidates are "assigned" to a tutor who already works for a client and that will follow the candidate, helping in his professional development with the aim of making him independent as soon as possible.


The estimated time for the entire training cycle, once a resource is selected, is about 10/12 weeks.