The collaboration with BluSky is aimed at implementing solutions in video communication over limited bandwidth connections (typically GSM or satellite connections).


Able to have video connections even with limited bandwidth (up to 10Kb / s), allows, compared to an acceptable degradation of image quality in the moments of maximum entropy, to obtain images of fluid and devoid of delays, the latter are unacceptable to some applications.


On the basis of this technology have been realized USB keys that allow, without the need for any installation on the host PC and is left without any trace on the same, to a closed group of users to communicate in a video conference even if they have available to a mobile connection which, as known, can not always be able to provide a wide enough bandwidth.


In addition, collaboration with BluSky allows to propose solutions for video surveillance and scene analysis aimed at highlighting the occurrence of events defined by the user in an immediate, simple and flexible.


On the basis of these features can be monitored by remote scenes even very complex, so that the alarm signaling, with the corresponding scenes, is transmitted, on a channel also narrow band, only the occurrence of the trigger set.

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