Speech Village

SpeechVillage operates in the provision of solutions for Call Center.


SpeechVillage's proprietary technology enables the creation of Virtual Agents can interact with the user of the service call center in the same manner in which a human operator would interact.


This approach allows for solutions that do not need to resort to the classic menu navigation inevitably based on a significant number of closed questions, which involve defaticanti expectations before getting the response or to achieve the desired service.


The Virtual Operator's ability to interpret user requests expressed in natural language and respond using a sophisticated translation software text-to-speech, makes this type of solution is particularly effective and flexible at the same time.


The product that implements the functionality of Virtual Operator goes by the name of the ISA (Interactive Smart Attendant) found that different vertical applications that end users see major airlines, for the business of booking airline tickets, or hospitals, ASL, CUP to manage the booking of tests or medical examinations and their dates of any travel and / or cancellations.


SpeechVillage important solutions in addition to having released in Italy has had significant experiences abroad, especially in Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador. In these cases the solutions have been released ranging dall'outbound debt recovery on behalf of banks, booking airline tickets, help desk for telephone companies.


The response that was obtained by implementing the solutions of different languages​​, even morphologically distant from each other, is an indication of the validity of the proprietary technology that SpeechVillage successfully developed as part of its research activities.

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